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Crypracks Web Hosting

Hosting plans for your next website, mobile app platform or blog

Shared Hosting

Capable of handling up to 100,000 visitors a month, which translates to roughly over 3000 visitors daily.

Perfect Option for :

Small Businesses, Startup’s, Freelancer, designer & developer resellers.

VPS Servers

Large eCommerce & Other business selling hundreds of products online, receiving large volumes of traffic on the website.

Perfect Option for :

Digital media companies, e‑commerce, resellers, app developers.

Dedicated Servers

More powerful version of our VPS service. High-powered Dedicated server hardware and faster, more reliable hosting.

Perfect Option for :

Agencies, enterprise, content creators, developers

Every Idea Starts With A Domain Name

We’ll find you available options including .com, .in, .net, .org, .agency, .xyz, and more.

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